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Unfair report for banning me and Funnky

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Your Roleplay Name:  Don Vaya & Funnky

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:143532941 & STEAM_0:0:80444581

Your Discord Name and ID: 

✠Herr_/Vaya✠      &      Funnky
#2356                                               #2784

Your ban reason: ''Mass RDM | Breaking NLR | LTAP | Minging

How long are you banned for: 7 days

Why you believe that your ban should be lifted: Because me and my friend Funnky https://steamcommunity.com/id/FunnkyQ ware basing on one place as Mafia. Well organized but, Funnky was bored and he become cop and I become thief (SO I CAN RAID BANK). Then I killed Funnky because he was protecting bank and he got pissed and changed job to Mafia back, so I can't raid bank. He sayed that someone is raiding and stealing ower printors. I looked in chat but there was no raid in advert. Then message came ''Your printor has been stolen''. So we went me as thief and funnky as mafia on ower base and WITH KOS SIGN we killed robbers. There ware 2 robbers: https://steamcommunity.com/id/YTARandomSomeone and https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198849512569. After we kilkled them A Random Someone came back. WARNING!!! He has broke NLR and strarted propblocking. I saw that gokuman wants to be Secret service but there was no mayor, but we accept that as Yes. And he wanned that rule because he had no weapons and he used weapon in role as Security service so he can assist, oh whait, I almost forgot. There was no assist in advert. gokuman did JobAbuse. After he gets in ower base A Random Someone started problocking (nick name: afk) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1844816699. Then we said with Funnky we are done with this server without admins. It was 1:01 AM so I went sleep. At morning I wanned to join but I was banned.


Its true that I got  killed and wet back. But I wanned to make evidences but its imposible when someone is killing you. Eaven on spawn when you just spawned. It was imposible, and excuse me, but when have I been minging? I have played like serious  player.


So Admins and Staff. Please. Ban them too or unban me. They ware breaking rules more than we ware. Its unfair.

If its needed Ill pay 100 000$ to robbers because I am sorry for LTAP but my muther would beat me.

Evidence to back this up:


If I am right you should see on yor list that he was secret service and he killed us more that one time. So please.



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Your ban appeal has been accepted, however, there are some limitations due to the circumstances of the event.

  • Both of you guys left the instant a staff member joined.
  • According to the logs I never saw an advert for a bank raid from either of you guys.
  • You admitted to job abuse just so you could raid the bank. The bank makes a lot of money we don't want people job abusing just to raid the bank.
  • From the logs it looked like VaporWave was the one that stole your printers who had adverted.

One side of the story is telling some sort of lie, however, neither of you have solid evidence. Unfortunately, the logs were able to prove that you guys were breaking some sort of rule which it did not for RandomSomeone or gokuman. You evidence was also not enough to prove they broke any rules either as RandomSomeone could have had a building sign or a keypad which you didn't capture. You will be unbanned as the rules that you have been proven to have broke do not warrant a ban, however, you will both be warned.


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