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UwU me no advertise

UwU Likes RG

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Staff Application 

Information about your self

Name(First name only): Seb 

In Game Name: UwU Me no advertise

SteamID: [U:1:320102845]

What location do you live at?: Norway 

What languages can you speak?: Norwegian, English

What is your date of birth?: 02/06/2006

How many hours do you have on Garry's Mod?: 263 Hours


Your player statistics

How many hours do you have on the server?:  247 Hours

What previous staff experience do you have as staff?:  I have not have experience as staff but i have used some ulx in sandbox w/ some friends

Do you have any warnings?: No

If you have warnings, why was you warned?:

How many hours per a week (Roughly) can you be staff on the server?:  28 if not more


Your chance to persuade us! (Both of the questions below must be answered in your own words)

Why do you want to be staff? (Minimum 200 words) : Why i want to be staff is because RandomGamers Is highly underestimated. I feel like more people should know about RandomGamers And why it is so good. I also absolutely HATE trollers they just ruin all the fun, all the trolles should and will be punished. I also love the RandomGamers community it is so nice. I feel like it would be fun to also just talk to players when i can to be honest. i think if and i say IF im becoming staff then it will be a fun time for everyone. And of course i love fun like who does not. If im allowed i will also be sure to set up an event for players incase people are kinda bored because you never know right? and also you never know when that ONE clever troller comes on i've had my experience with trollers they are for sure not gonna be let out off my sight that easy <--- and thats a fact. I've seen alot of trollers in my time in gmod. I know trollers they are easy to spot but they are not always so easy to confirm. There are many types of people breaking the rules for example if we think a hitman going around and killing people and "It is a hit" Yeah no that is just rediculous i really want to put an end to that.


What can you bring to Random Gamers as a staff member? (Minimum 100 words) :

As i said above i feel like i can bring an end to rdm'ing trolling rda'ing and the most irretating one "It was a hit" I mean sometimes it is actually a hit but there is just that one or two times that it is not. I also feel that i can talk to alot of people about alot off stuff questions,problems even stuff that is not about gmod i can easily talk about that too. I genuent feel like people will sometimes need a person to RP, Talk to even just chilling with watching tv ANYTHING i have seen and heard some stuff in gmod there is genuent people that just need someone that they can talk to ( Kinda in private )


DarkRP related questions, all of these must be answered in your own words!

Give us a example of FailRP: A example of fail rp is a Citizen Raiding, Mugging,Carjacking

If I killed a raider, while defending my base is that classed as RDM and why?: If you killed a raider whilst defending ur base that is not classed in RDM. and why ? : U dont need to advert dounter if it ur own base you are simply just defending ur base

I advertised "Mug" in OOC(Out Of Character) chat. What rule am I breaking and why?: If you advertise mug in OOC you are breaking FailRP

What is the fading door limit per entrance?: The fading door limit per entrance is : 3


You agree that everything is in your own words:Yes

You agree that if you get rejected, you can only reapply a week after you have been rejected:Yes

You agree that you have read the rules thoroughly and you know them to the best of your ability:Yes

Hope you guys accept it 😄

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Application On Hold

I would personally like to get an interview with you.

What to do now:

  • Add me on Steam 
  • Revise on the Rules. 
  • Make sure to have your application ready for the interview.
  • If you can't attend to the interview within a week from the time this is posted, make sure to inform me!

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Application Accepted

Application accepted due to the reasons in the interview.


What will happen now:

  • You'll be assigned to a high member of staff to be trained.
  • You'll be assigned your in-game. "Trial Mod" 
  • This period will last up to one week, and can be extended if needed.
  • Love 1

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